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The green alternative

Supporting sustainability

RDUK has implemented various green practices to help minimise our carbon footprint and waste. Our facilities are equipped with energy-efficient appliances and lighting, and we have implemented recycling programs to ensure that all our waste, including e-waste, is disposed of responsibly. RDUK is proud to be a green company and is committed to making a positive impact on the environment.

Laptop product

280kg less CO²

The carbon footprint of a renewed laptop is approximately 70% lower than that of a new laptop.

80-90% less energy

Renewed laptops use an estimated 80-90% less energy during the manufacturing process.

Saving precious materials

Renewed laptops can save up to 20 kilograms of raw materials and 190 litres of water compared to manufacturing a new laptop.

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Become green

By purchasing a renewed laptop, the consumer is supporting companies that are dedicated to sustainability. We focus on reducing our environmental impact in the renewal processes.

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

Reducing the carbon footprint our operations is key to achieving a sustainable economy and vital to the wellbeing of our planet. Buying renewed IT solves the problem of reducing your carbon footprint all without sacrificing quality or performance.


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