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The process of renewing a computer is very intricate and requires close scrutiny and attention to detail in order to provide the highest quality possible. We all take great pride in ensuring that every product that leaves our factory meets our high standards of quality and reliability.

Laptop product

Initial visual examination

Every item undergoes a visual examination upon arrival to ensure that there is no damage that would render it unsuitable for renewal. Each item is then thoroughly cleaned to remove all traces of dust and grime both internally and externally.


Detailed tests of the various components

Every key component is tested exhaustively using Aiken Workbench software. This software is designed to stress test each component. It includes a full battery test on each laptop and unlike other refurbishers, your purchase is backed up by a full one year warranty on laptop batteries.


Software installation

Microsoft Windows 10 (or 11) is then installed. As a Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher every laptop or desktop will have a Genuine Microsoft Refurbisher label (GMRL) affixed to the chassis.


Product is fully refurbished

Every machine is externally refinished, either in our bespoke paint facility or state of the art vinyl wrapping department, in order to restore the external appearance to as close to new as possible.


Keyboard restoration

UV print technology is used to ensure that every laptop keyboard is restored to as new condition with no signs of previous use.


Final inspection & delivery

Completed machines undergo a final inspection and are graded according to their final condition.The products are then packed into new boxes with individual test reports and instruction booklets, ready for dispatch.

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